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The organisation came into being after a visit in 2018 to two refugee camps on Lesbos. The reason for setting it up was to see the very distressing psychological distress and inadequate help on the ground.

The aim of WereldPsychologen is to provide psychosocial help to refugees and their aid workers in emergency situations, where there is no such structural help.
We see psychosocial assistance as being just as important as food, water, shelter and security. It is not a bonus, but should become a standard part of humanitarian emergency aid. WereldPsychologen aims to make a substantial contribution to this.


The Board

Gea photo website.jpg

Gea Dunnik

Co-founder World Psychologists Psychotherapist, working at GGZ-Centraal, department of personality problems.

Also working since 2014 in own Practice for Psychotherapy in Oosterbeek.

Has given trauma workshops to various NGOs, including Syrious Mission (Jordan) and Movement on the Ground (Lesvos). 


Wendy Weijts

Clinical psychologist & psychotherapist working at GGZ-nhn and own practice de Amsterdamse. Also lecturer at RINO and psychotrauma therapist.
Wendy has been involved for 15 years in mental health projects of among others NGO FGIP (Ukraine, Georgia, Russia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka and Bosnia Herzegovina).
Involved with WereldPsychologen since 2020.

Photo myra.jfif

Myra Haakman

Co-founder World Psychologists 

She would like to use her expertise to make a difference for refugees worldwide. Myra also works as a psychologist at PsyQ with trauma, personality disorders and sexual problems. 


Jeanette Jaspers

Co-founder World Psychologists

GZ-psychologist, working at Fier as a GZ-psychologist asylum seekers and status holders. We recently moved to a farm in Overijssel where we are starting up horse coaching and a care farm. I would like to use my knowledge to help refugees! 



Dafna Zwarts

Clinical psychologist, EMDR practitioner & supervisor (K&J and adults), online

and live in their own practice Zwarts and Hylkema.


Elma Black

Janine ter Windt

Psychotherapist, working with

psychoanalysis, family and

System therapy, hypnotherapy,

Gestalt Therapy, PVO supervisor. 

Child and adolescent psychologist, using ACT, CBT, descriptive, and solution-focused therapy.


Marja Beers


Olivia Roggeband

Joan Sträter

GZ-psychologist, system therapist,

Certified sensori-motor therapist,

Works trauma-focused with EMDR and BEPP.

Psychologist, with particular affinity for trauma treatment.

Orthopedagogue, GZ-psychologist,

intercultural psychologist and

family practitioner. Uses



Rob Hendrikse

Jeroen Mulder


Psychologist, mostly working in the field of labour and organisation. Mainly uses CBT and ACT.


Danielle Voskamp

Psychologist, expertise in the field

of trauma. Uses in particular EMDR, Imaginary Exposure and Imaginary Rescripting.

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